Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is He? Is He not?

Heyy.... What's good? My life in Blogville is going just like I expected.... Lots of thanks go to my landlord, Laide. Thanks a lot...

I felt like writing a post on relationships, but having never been in a serious one before (you're shocked too, right? Fine boy like me...) I didn't quite know what to write. But, I've seen guys in love before, so to help those pretty ladies in dilemmas, I'm going to drop a few signs to let you know if that dude is really into you... (I'm not much of a love doctor)

Sign 1- The eyes. As often said, a person's eyes can hold a lot of information. When you catch a guy staring at you, and he looks away quickly, that dude is into you... Not all guys are shy though, and some may try to hold the stare while making funny gestures

Sign 2- Body Language. A guy who likes you will always want to be near you. When sitting, he'll look at you a lot and tend to lean towards you a lot. When your legs or hands touch, he won't try to break the contact. When you walk together, he tends to hold your hand or put his arm around your shoulder. You may also notice nervousness when he's talking or doing stuff around you.

Sign 3- His friends. Watch how his friends act when you're around. If you visit him at his place, they all find one excuse or the other to give the both of you total privacy. When you walk past him and friends, they get all silly and start poking and making fun of him.

WARNING: Some guys are actually good enough to mimic all these signs and make you believe they're into you. Make sure you know the kind of person he is before putting these signs into consideration.

My schedule is currently scattered, so I don't know when next I gonna post.
Till then (whenever "then" is)


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