Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Show Goes On....

4:30pm – Me: “AY, make we go watch ball now!”
AY: “Guy, free me! No be Birmingham City? We go finish them!”

Kick-off - AY: “Wana, just dey watch how Nasri and Van Persie go finish this people!”
Me: “As Fabregas no dey this match, I’m sure Birmingham will get a result….”

Half-time – AY: “Did you see Van Persie’s goal? We are just starting!”
Me: “……”

Full-time – Me: “AY! AY! Where are you?!”

During Arsenal’s midweek match against Stoke City, the cameras showed a portion of the stands where a record of Arsenal’s trophies were kept. The last trophy was the 2005 FA Cup victory over my dear Man Utd (I always knew they were going to regret that win). The commentator then said, “They will most likely add another trophy on Sunday”. If only he knew that Obafemi Martins was nicknamed “Obagoal” for a reason.

During the first half, I heard some complaints from some of the Arsenal faithful, criticisng the lack of creativity in the midfield due to Cesc Fabregas’ absence. Some held firm in their manager’s selection, believing Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky good enough to see of Birmingham, which sadly wasn’t the case. I’m not absolving the Gunners midfield of blame, but in my honest opinion, the blame lies on the head of the Arsenal supremo, Arsene Wenger.

Most Arsenal fans will disagree with me, stating that there was nothing he could have done. From my point of view, there was a lot he could have done. You do not manage a top side in one of the top leagues in the universe and not have a reliable bench. The Gunners will react to this, saying they have an injury crisis. When Rio Ferdinand got injured, Man Utd played Johnny Evans. Evans messed up, he was sent to the bench and a more reliable Chris Smalling was used. When Djourou kept on losing the ball, they blamed it on Vermaelen’s absence. Isn’t the manager supposed to prepare for injury crises?

When Arsene Wenger took Robin van Persie off, there were loud shouts of “No! Why not Rosicky or Arshavin?” among the Arsenal fans. Why? Because they know that there is no quality on their bench. Any football fan will agree with me that Bendtner + Chamakh is NOT as good as van Persie alone. What does it cost him to buy a competent striker in case of injuries

But whatever the cause of Arsenal’s plight, the Carling cup is over it’s and still the same old story. Arsenal’s trophyless show goes on. And until they find a manager who’s more interested in trophies than in financial returns, *In Lupe Fiasco’s voice* The Show Goes On...

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